How to choose a cloud service provider and steps to take while choosing cloud computing

Today is the age of information technology. Everything that we cross equipped or run with
computers and networks. Most of the businesses, industries and every type of work are now
shifting from traditional ways to digital ways. They are working on the computer network for
connectivity and for a better way of work standard. For this, they use cloud services. and look towards cloud service providers.

However, migrating or shifting your business towards cloud computing needs a state of
knowledge and information about it. Here we discuss a few things in the form of points one
must know this before choosing a cloud service provider.

Cloud computing

The word cloud computing is described according to their structure. As clouds can go
anywhere the cloud services can also be found anywhere. Cloud services offer you to run
your website business and many things without any big investments. Companies provide
computing services, cloud storage, IT services and many more things for computing

Cloud management

Cloud management is the management of cloud products and services. Cloud management
includes software and technology in a manner for managing cloud environments.
Public clouds are managed by public cloud service providers which include the services,
storage, networking etc.

Use of public cloud services can generally select from three basic cloud for learning

Usual self-programming
Advance provisioning
Dynamic provisioning

So here are the steps to take while choosing a cloud service provider and cloud computing:-

Infrastructure and destination

1)Data centre and their locations

Always check your cloud service providers location. Always go with those providers who
have differently located sites, as it helps you to get stable services. Many of the companies
store their data in more than one place as in case of natural calamities. It automatically
reverts their services to other safe sites. Always check how strong and durable is the data
centre network of your cloud service provider.

High-performance capacity (HPC)

In modern times no one wants to wait. When you work with so many employees and clients.
It automatically creates a load on your website and it creates performance issues which lead
to loss of interest of your client on your business or your website. So high-performance
capacity helps you to take the load of your website and multiple users can work or use your
services without any problem on the same server at a time.

Security and Advance level services

Even your business is small or large. No one wants to compromise with security. A good
cloud service provider helps you to tackle these problems. A reliable cloud service provider
has multi-layered security. Such as host, network and physical setup security. Which helps
you to secure your businesses and give you privacy protected services.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

It is also known as BCDR. To understand this let's suppose you took services from cloud
computing services from a company based in your city for your website. And support at a
time your city faces natural disasters such as floods. So during this time how do your cloud
service providers work? How cloud service providers transfer their data to other places and
start delivering their services and working on it. This is called business continuity and
disaster recovery.


Data backup facilities help you to get your data when you need. Always check this with your
cloud service providers. How much data they Store and to what extent it Store up. Always
check how they store your data. Is it secure? Is it accessible easily when you need it up?


In the field of cloud service providers, SLA stands for service legal agreement. It is the list of
service standard terms and conditions and their rule and regulation. Always check their
service legal agreement to know how they work. Always check are they compensated when
they fail to service properly?

Help and support services

Always check your cloud service providers customer support and their work time.
As if you expected 24*7 work with your employee and to serve your clients. Always go
with that service provider which facilitates their customer 24*7 customer support.
Many of the cloud service providers offices run 24*7 services so you can go with them.


In the market, there are a lot of cloud service providers available. You can choose according
to your needs and your budget. Many of the time people think that one who is costly is good
but in cloud computing, there are a lot of low budget plans also. Choose the service provider
which gives you the best service at a low price.


No company indeed works without a break. Obviously, your service provider also takes a
break for maintenance or upgrade. With the help of uptime, you can check it. It shows its
performance and services. Overall mostly uptime is calculated in percentage on the annual
duration of time. Usually, most of the service providers promise you 98 to 99% of uptime.
You can choose a computing service provider who offers 98 to 99% of uptime. It helps you
to get access to your work or business at all times without any problem.


By studying this article we conclude that choosing cloud computing and cloud service
provider is not a difficult task but it requires full information about it. It is one of the best and
convenient places to store information and it is also available at a low price.


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